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Post  Dreams on Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:09 pm

Jordan Sala


If we hired you as GM and you saw hackers how would you react?:
it depends if he a wz editor first i will give him a warning and tell him to get clean files and he hes dosent next time he logs in i will ban him. If its a guy that is damage hacking or vacking i will ban him without any warning.

if someone was duping how would you handle this?:
i would take snapshots of him and after post them here in the forum and after when u say its ok i will ban him.
If we didn't hire you what would you do?:
i would still play on this server.

Explain some of the basic GM rules?
well never give out any items except when a admin or co or owner tell me to. Never ban a person for no reason. Respect the staff members. Do not have a close person that gets special stuff. No advertising any other server on this one. to help a player when they need help ALWAYS. Do not abuse my powers
What languages do you know?:
i speak English and French

How would you help improve this server?:
i will help as much as i can and i will make new events.
Additional info:
well if u need a gfxer i can do some gfx. I like to play maplestory(private servers).


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