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Requests for the server. Empty Requests for the server.

Post  Nicholass on Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:18 pm

I'm Nicholas(Ign), or you could call me Nick.

I saw that the server was a low rate non rebirth, so i decided to try it out. Then I came to find out that it was in fact a rebirth server, with fairly high experience rates.

But I thought it was nice, seeing as I haven't played Maplestory in such a long time. But I, and some other on the server want the low rate/non rebirth to come back. Pq's are very fun to do for low rate servers. Low rate servers also make it more challenging(since there isn't supposed to be an all in one shop, or anything like that). Also in low rate servers there are generally working FM shops, which are fun to use, and can the players can create a market themselves.
I'm just asking that the low rate can come back(and so are a few others), and the server can be more fun, and more people may even join.

The thing I, and the others would want however, is a way to obtain items that unobtainable in most private servers with low rate such as certain stars, capes, etc.

Please consider, and hopefully change it to low rate.

Thanks, Nick Smile


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