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If we hired you as GM and you saw hackers how would you react?:
First, always take a picture of what their doing
First time, warn them.
Second time, jail them.
Third time, suspend them.
Fourth time, take it up with head GM or owner for ban.

if someone was duping how would you handle this?:
First of all I would see what there doing in hide. Then I'll get a friend to ask that player if he can dupe something for him and I would take SS if he said "sure". Then I would ask my friend if he got it, if so then I would ban that player,then if he did a ban appeal I would post my SS of him willingly admitting. Also I've seen many dupers in that past year. So I think I would know how the duper process works by now. Also I would ask that player if they can dupe for me and I would give them a free msi.In all end if these doesn't work I'll just ask the owner if he can handle it, or a fellow gm. If above all fails then I would tell Yoboes to patch then I would warn that player if he does it one more time he will get ban/jail. (It's worked in the past)

If we didn't hire you what would you do?:
I would honestly stay since this is a really fun server.

Explain some of the basic GM rules?
Some of the basic GM rules are not to abuse your power. Don't let the power go to your head. Don't abuse commands or your GM status. You can never deny help. Doesn't matter who it comes from, your biggest enemy, your ex girlfriend, or a person you just jailed/banned. You have to help them. They are in need of help, so you need to at least try your best at helping them in the best way you can. Another is to report anything you are unsure of to the owner or another GM. Ask for second opinions on things you are not sure of like hacks or decisions. Never give our free items to players, or for a price. Only give them out if you have a reason like an event, donations, etc.

What languages do you know?:

How would you help improve this server?:
I can help the server by keeping the community safe and alive. I can't stand bug abusers or hackers. I'm very active and I love everyone whose been a part of this server ever since I started playing.

Additional info:
I am fun, outgoing person. I love to have fun. You cannot call it life if it is boring. I would say I am very intellegant. I am weird, who isn't weird in their own way? I am just not afraid to admit it. And I'm pervect. Although I am not as how bad as I used to be with the perv jokes and all, I still can be one at time. Lastly, sexy. I am sexier than anyone else applying.


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